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At Blue Mountain Log Co. we believe every home is a dream home, and for that reason we are commited to helping you through every step of the process. Your home is one of the most important things in your life, so we want to make sure your home is built with the best materials and with a close attention to detail. As a customer service orientated company, we will work with you to give you exactly what you want while keeping your costs low.

With over a decade of experience building homes, we can offer assistance in every aspect of home building. When you decide to use Blue Mountain Log Co. as your builder, you are getting access to the best builders and experienced, professional crews.

Blue Mountain Log Co. specializes in custom homes built to the owner's exact specifications. We also will be able to help you in making critical decisions by leveraging our extensive experience. When you choose Blue Mountain Log Co. you are getting a company that focuses on your needs, so that your finished home will be exactly like you have always wanted.

- James Migliozzi, Owner and Operator

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