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To get a quote for your job, please be ready with the necessary information and call us at your convenience. Don't have all the information or aren't sure what to ask? We are here to help and can guide you through the process of figuring out exactly what you need to get your home built right.

Please call us at 908-229-2783 and use the following as a starting point for your quote:
  • What type of project is?
  • What construction materials are you considering?
  • Are you building a log home or a regular home?
  • Do you have permits already?
  • Have you worked with Blue Mountain Log Co. before?
  • Are you currently working with other contractors?
  • What stage is your project currently in?
  • What is the square footage of your home?
  • How many bedrooms/bathrooms are in your home?
  • Are you looking for custom woodworking, tile, or design work?
  • Do you need a general contractor, or do you already have one?
  • Do you know who will supply the building materials?
You project is unique, so please call us to work out your individual needs.

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